Friday, February 16, 2007


Here are boards I did a short I'm working on, for class but also for myself and my portfolio. It's with a character I've been developing for a long time now (6 years). His name is Poncho. I was trying to get really cinematic with the short, and animate from angles you don't normally see. These are not all of them, and some are missing in between.

Any comments, advice, criticism?


The Jerk said...

aak! i made a nice long analytical comment and then it disappeared into cyberspace, never to been seen again! nuts. well, i'll try again.

I like this character design, he's perky and optimistic, unlike so many modern drab, depressed "cartoons." He is a mexican bird of some kind, yes?

The boards i like best are the 8th, 9th, and 10th panels with the extreme up and down shots of the table, and the reaction shot between. They are composed nicely, especially the downshot, with the curving shadow around the character forming a sort of framing. the last panel is also very nice, with an interesting angle that still describes the action very cleanly. I like the "funny actions" in the first two sets of panels, is that him RIPPING HIS EYELIDS OFF? AAAAA!

The composition of the shot of poncho in bed feels awkwardly staged to me, the different elements in the shot, the bed, hat rack, and table, while individually interesting to look at, seem not to work harmoniously together to direct the attention of the viewer to the character at the center. also, poncho being exactly in the center of shot seems to diminish the dynamics of the scene, making the action more static.

If i were to suggest changes to that layout, i would probably move poncho 1/3 to the right and lower in the frame while asleep, and perhaps bring the nightstand into frame so the top edge of it was just a little lower that the bedposts, instead of being wedged in the bottom corner of the frame. I might bring the hat rack closer, so the bottom is behind the edge of the bed, and if the line where the floor meets the wall is visible, i would move it either up or down, rather than the exact middle of the shot.

that said, these are some nice boards, looking to see more of this character!

The Jerk said...

you are of course correct. I went back and looked at the part you described, and after some fiddling around, decided i need to add roughly 17 frames to make that section read clearer. i also had to rerecord that sound effect, it was too quick, that may have been part of the problem- instead of shaking a can full of candy, i'll have the sound of cereal pouring, it will be one smoother, simple action instead of the quick, jerky shaking of the candy container. we'll see how much of a difference makes when i get that part re-animated. thanks for your helpful analysis.

Anonymous said...

wow... what an amazing collection of your work Leebs... it all looks incredible...truly, truly inspired stuff!!


Tim 2 said...

these drawings look much more polished and refined than lots of the stuff I have seen, looks like you are making great drawing improvements!


I need to take my own advice!

Jake Nussbaum said...

I still have the pages you gave me josh