Friday, May 11, 2007

Guess Bloo?

Some studies I did of Bloo.

One of the pages are original pose and expressions, I think its pretty obvious which one, but hoepfully not.

I switched to blue pencil after the first sheet... for obvious reasons. I like blue pencil more every time I use it, its a lot cleaner than graphite.

Alternative titles for post;
One Friend, Two Friend, Red Friend, Bloo Friend


Pseudonym said...

Newbie question: What's your preferred make and model of blue pencil?

Tovo said...

Hey Dude! Lots of Good stuff in here. I am not gong anywhere during this summer. Keep me inform if you are coming in town.

Josh Lieberman said...

>> What's your preferred make and model of blue pencil? <<


I use the Col-Erase Blue, (Number 20044). They also have a darker blue, i think its Navy Blue, but i don't like it as much.
The eraser on the pencil sucks, so I would advice having a better eraser handy.

Let me know if that helps.

Pseudonym said...

Helps a lot, thanks. Col-Erase does seem to be the brand of choice these days.

Anonymous said...

i just became a fan :') i love Bloo and your drawings are awsome :D <33