Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This is a storyboard test I did for Fosters. Not for a job really, but for my portfolio, a lot of the artists recomended doing it, to show 1. Your sense of boarding and 2. how you handle other people's characters.
I showed them Craig McCracken, he thought they were pretty good.

Ben Balistreri gave me some good advice on it, so I changed a few things, and would probably change some more. Below is a picture that Ben drew for me, It's awesome. He's one of the best artists i've ever seen. I learned a lot from him this summer.


Dougmian said...

Your storyboard its so great!!
Storyboard its so important in animation!


Cool man, keep it up.

Tim 2 said...

All done with the internship? Back to school? What's next??

Prophet Buddy said...

Hey, thanks a lot! Are you really going to make a cartoon now? I can't wait! You've got mad skills, I'm surprised Foster's was only paying you in school credits, we could really use more people that KNOW how to draw on the crew. Hope to see you around.

Anonymous said...

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