Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Prophet Buddy is an online animated series by a buddy of mine Eric Pringle. He is one of the best flash animators around, and Prophet Buddy is some of the best flash animation on the web. I highly recomend giving it a watch.

If you like it, there are super cool Prohpet Buddy shirts available for purchase, I bet they make great christmas presents, but what do I know, I'm a jew. Anyways, check out Prophet Buddy.


The Jerk said...

i know that blue thing between the cat's legs is supposed to be his tail, but....something else comes to mind. eew.

The Jerk said...

i do like this guy's sense of color, though. wish i could pick them that nicely.


prophet buddy rules!!!

Jamal O said...

Yea Flash lends itself quite well to this flat shaded/no outline style.

I'd like to experiment more with a traditionally animated approach in that style.

Looks cool.

man dood iz swingin and happy about it.

Prophet Buddy said...

Not sure you can forward these, but thanks for the heads up. Feedback always gives me and the buddies a little push, regardless if it's good or bad. If it's good, I'm happy while I'm animating these. If it's bad I try harder to make them better. If there's nothing, I don't even know if anyone is watching and don't know if there's any reason to post them. I'll still make them either way to keep me productive. But knowing that people are watching is a nice boost. Thanks Josh! Can't wait to animate your strips!