Friday, February 8, 2008


So apparently, according to my "counter" there is 1 lad in Alaska who visited my blog, which is odd, because I didn't even know they had computers in Alaska, but nonetheless, welcome to my blog, hope its not too cold in here for you. Also, I saw your movie, Juno, it was ok.

I have decided to give something back to the online community who have shown such a mild interest in my blog with some never before seen (by you) character designs, with a special message from me;

Thank you! I like that shirt on you.

Anywho, these are some character designs I've been working on of late. They're for a project I plan on pitching to fox, not anytime soon, just in general.

I started the model sheet below with the 3/4 view pose, and then soon realized that every front view I tired looked disgusting... ew.

Side burns and butt.

Goodnight Alaska.


Bill Ferguson said...

Great characterization Buddy!!

Tovonaina said...

I second that!