Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Demorrius said...

That was VERY cool :D! The song was surprisingly catchy and the video overall was really nice. Keep up the good work ;). I was wondering if that was you singing the entire time and then I saw the ending.


that's pretty sweet, man!
also I can't wait ot see manny and khan :D

Jehosophat said...

Dammit! Camp Johnny
Now I'll --Camp Johnny
have that --Camp Johnny
song --Camp Johnny
running through my --Camp Johnny
head all day--Camp Johnny
long--Camp Johnny
Thanks a lot you --Camp Johnny
son of a --Camp Johnny
I hope you're --Camp Johnny
pleased with yourself !!!

Anonymous said...


Tim 2 said...

timing and pacing is really well done. Thanks for sharing, I especially liked the spoofed painting.

Shaya said...

yo Josh! Ben came to Cal Arts and said some good things about you! How r things going? If your in the area drop by...

Josh Lieberman said...

Hey Shaya
wow that's pretty cool he would mention me, Ben's an insanely incredible artist.
Not exactly sure exactly what 'area' you are in inferring to? or when you want me to 'drop by'? but thanks for the offer!

andre medina said...

hey josh!
i left the comment above from "shaya" i was on my girlfriends comp!
anyway send me an email...and i will give you my digits,