Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well... actually not too much to say, but thought I'd post a couple post-its.

I got Joey cookies one day and left this drawing on them.

Also, somehow in the midst of disheveled mounds of crumpled drawings, these two unrelated post-its below found their way to one and other, and stuck. The combination, I think, actually sums up our short pretty well;

lightning bolt... IN COLOR!



heyy bro!
srry I haven't commented in ages but i've been sooper assed busy with school and shiz!
but after no looking at your blog for like 6 months i'm like WOW!!!
manny and khan looks so awesomely terifically sweet balls!!!
(i know that didn't make sense but it sounds funny lol :D)
If this doesn't get picked up as a series I am seriously gunna nueder myself :O rofl :)
It would be A TOTAL HONOUR to work on that show or just to work with you and joey!
I'm wanna do some fan art and i'm gunna! i've got so many ideas for these 2 in my mind but not enough time!!!! stoopid yr 11 :(
well its good seeing your blog again! I hope you haven't forgotten about me lol :D

Claire said...

Post-it communication is amazing! Love the doodles on them, makes me laugh every time I see them. Good to hear it's going well for you.
I couldn't stop doodling Manny either, and it's hard to explain where he came from to my teachers haha. Can't wait to see it!

Claire said...

Xilam did the animation? Hehe that's cool. And thanks for the comment!

Beelzenef said...

I only want to say: I LOVE YOUR DRAWING (specially 'Foster's Home' ^^)

I'm Spanish. Sorry for my mistakes in your language.