Sunday, August 9, 2009


mmm... Been super busy boarding on Madagascar 3, which is going great, but don't have much new stuff to post.

Thought I'd post an old animation I made. I did this at the end of my sophomore year, right before I dropped out. So I guess that would make this my senior film...?
The assignment was a 10 second turn and react, or something along those lines, but I wanted to make an animated short...

I remember at the time I was pretty into Tashlin, I think it shows.




Racattack Force said...

Nice work man.

RobochaoXX said...

That was so cool. People like you deserve so much more attention.

Also animation needs to go back to being made on paper in my opinion. On the computer it loses the sweat and tears that were put into it.

I loved that to death.

Uganda Spine Mission said...

that is great,