Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So my good friend/mentor/one-of-the-sickest-artists-i-know Dave Pimentel was kind enough to sell me his old Cintiq. I've been thinkin bout gettin one for a while now, and glad I finally got around to buying one (not to mention the fact that since Dave used it, it comes with magical powers that make me draw better... at least that's what he told me when he sold it to me. I paid extra for the magic but it's totally worth it).

Just been messin around tryin to get it set up;

This here is another 'assignment' from Dave and Jeff Snow's drawing initiative; Baseball Player.

They are encouraging anyone interested in drawing along to join in and post your artwork.

Oh and also, the short I made for Cartoon Network with my good buddy Joey G has officially been released online, and is currently up on Cartoon Networks website;

Manny and Khan on CartoonNetwork.com

All the other shorts from the Cartoonstitute program are up too, check em out if you didn't have to chance to see them back when they were leaked, they are all pretty rad;



Max Lawson said...

That's one slick looking batter. I also really enjoyed your short on CN. Well done :)

Claire said...

Nice drawings as always!
I wanna try out the drawing thing but my deadlines are all this week, but after than count me in! :)

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