Monday, June 21, 2010


Just some poses;
I normally like writing a little blurb to accompany a post, although lately that hasn't been the case. So I thought I might write a short bit concerning the blue guy above.

The blue dude is based on a character I used to draw when I was younger, who was inspired by the show Digimon. Basically this guy was my own digimon (the champion level of my own digimon to get nerd-technical). The overall character was based on my dog, an Akita, who was huge and looked like a bear, hence the design having (at least originally) some bear characterisitics. His original head shape was based on a key... a house hold key (to be more precise, 2 keys facing opposite direction) which is the reason for the feather like appendages on his cheeks (although the row on top of his head are new because I thought it looked cool). So there you have it, the character above is a design inspired by digimon who's based on a dog who looks like a bear who's shaped like a key.



Larry Levine said...

Great drawings!!

Zane Yarbrough said...

sweet yeah I used to do that all the time make my own characters for shows like pokemon and stuff. nice poses!

7414Stars said...

Very cool character!! Great action lines!

Carrie Liao said...

okay I know this is an old post so you might not see this, but I just have to comment on how awesome this is...I used to make up my personal digimon, too. Yours is much more sleek, though...the design of my digimon would get more and more outlandish as the levels progressed, until there were way too many wings/horns/etc to draw at different angles.

This just gave me a nice nostalgic moment (the pokemon, too!), so thanks :) Beautiful work!