Monday, July 5, 2010

Attachee BriefPack

Attachee (pronounced Attach-he) is a line of Briefcase backpacks which are painted and customized, a little side project I've been working on for the past few weeks.
Below are some mock ads I created for the line;

About Attache BriefPacks;
I've always thought briefcases were cool but was never too keen on the idea of carrying one. In my eyes It conjures up too much an image of your traditional businessman which, my lack of a college degree should tell you, I am not. Seeing as how I make a somewhat unconventional living, drawing cartoons, I thought it fitting to flip it and wear it like a backpack. So I put a strap on it. And if there's one thing I did learn from college it's that everything is better with a strap-on!

For me it was a way of saying 'I don't take myself or what I do too seriously'. I guess I probably could have just printed that on a shirt... shoot.

Almost the entire product is made of recycled and reused materials. Both the briefcases and straps were purchased from thrift stores. The screws which are used to secure the strap to the case are all found. And the paint... well that was all left over from school.

Some of the advantages to wearing an Attachee BriefPack include (and are not limited to);
-Protection from bullets to the back (this has not been tested but the logic seems sound).

-Comfortably creates better posture while sitting.

-Feels like a hug.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one let me know. You can leave me a comment here or email me;

There is no fixed price yet, however I am looking to sell them somewhere in the range of $35-50 (or the highest offer depending on the amount of interest). So if you'd like, make an offer and if it sounds right, I'll send one your way.

Below are just a few quick tag-lines I came up with for the company, nothing final yet.I think they echo the theme of 'not taking yourself to seriously' quite well.

Special thanks go out to Lindsey Olivares and Andy Heitz for helping me model and snap the BriefPacks. There are more pics from the shoot (and other awesome photos) on Andy's blog, and better artwork than here on Lindsey's blog.



The Jerk said...

ha! these are great! love it, it's a clever idea.

Marcus said...

You should Put A patent on this idea because its original and genius

Lady Garland said...

These backpacks are amazing!! Is this the Josh that toured SF with me and Matt this past spring?

Matt Doering said...

I might have to buy one from you. That's pretty awesome Josh!

Jake Nussbaum said...

Nice! I really want one

Anonymous said...

Hey, great, one more ridiculous thing for everyone to wear and feel completely stupid! Yeah!