Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a quick little color/pose study I did for this moose I've been drawing. Nothings really final, color or design, but I'm kinda digging him. He is more fun to draw than a barrel of monkeys, because I suck at drawing barrels and monkeys.

I wasn't sure if the color of his feet are drawing too much attention away from the rest of the pose? I had them gray, but that was even worse... What do YOU think? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Good recipes?



Dougmian said...

You are fast to color it!
I like all character positions!

Claire said...

Looks awesome to me, nice work as always!

I have a good recipe for banana bread?...

Rob said...

Hey Josh! Thanks for stopping by my blog your comment is much appreciated!

You have a great blog here I've been following it for a while, myself and my friends were having a good chuckle at your pokemon drawings the other day,they are great!

Anonymous said...

Woaw.. i didn't know he had three eyes! HAhaha

The colouring is great! No distraction at all. The three eyes bit is subtle also. Nice work.