Sunday, December 5, 2010


A few more M&K strips. We actually made these about a year ago with the intentions of creating a weekly comic, lest me and Joey got busy with other shtuff... But Joey did such a kick-ass job inking and coloring these, I feel obligated to post them. And with the impending end of the calendar year it feels like a good time seeing as how the first two strips deal with Manny and Khan's new years resolutions;

Hope you enjoyed the antics of these idiots.



Rooney said...

Keep posting these! I love em. Can I ask what you guys used to make these? A lot of web-comics leave me cold but these are fun, sweet, and pleasant to look at, like the sunday funnies.

Rob said...

Really cool hat! Its really funny that he has a german accent :)

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Awesome comic strips!! I really like your blog...terrific drawings & your storyboarding tips are really helpful!

The Jerk said...

some lovely drawings! the backgrounds on these ones are appealingly bill watterson-esque. :-)

love the speech bubble crushing manny in the second strip, anespecially funny gag.

Dani said...

Set like a table.

so good.

Ian Andersen said...

These are great, I would love to see this as a continued series