Monday, January 17, 2011


About a year ago I had the chance to board a sequence for 'Neighbors from Hell'. I recently found the clip I boarded online and figured it'd be ok to post the work I did. The show was awesome to work on. I like the designs a lot and I had a lot of fun drawing and posing the characters.

I think I've gotten better at drawing since having done this sequence and I can see things that I would have drawn differently, but I'm pretty happy with the shots and the flow of the sequence.

Below is the clip, the first 35 seconds is the stuff I boarded. The animation team did an amazing job matching and enhancing the poses and shots I boarded.

I'm not sure what happened to the show... I think it got canceled? I don't have a TV so I never saw it, did anyone see it?



Daniel Huertas said...

great stuff Josh!! as always :)

nate v said...

hah funny stuff! nice clean boards.