Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Haven't posted in a while, been in China.

It definitely opened my eyes to new design possibilities. Their stylistic sensibilities are fun and different and I like them.

A few quick doodles done from memory;

-Mao zi


Carrie Liao said...

oh man, these are fantastic! Love the variety!

Hope you had fun in China, I love it there. I'm always blown away by how much there is to see :)

Dougmian said...

So, your trip to China was very inspiring! Great sketches!

Mi Li said...

Welcome to China!

Nate Villanueva said...

Wild designs dude!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Hah, I'm Chinese and I've never even been to my ancestral country, for shame.

I absolutely love these sketches and designs! So much fun!

Anonymous said...

These are so much fun!!! A childlike nature really comes through in these drawings...that pure joy of being a cartoonist! Thanks for posting!!