Sunday, January 6, 2008


This is some development work I've been doing for a super top-secret project I'm working on with a friend of mine, Joey G. We're both really excited about the project, and hopefully I'll have quite a bit of artwork to continually post as we press onward.

I tried to start pretty much with just shapes, exploring all kinds of possibilities (Very much inspired by the work of Shane Prigmore and Shannon Tindle.) These are concept designs for one of the main characters, can anybody guess what he is? (The final design is not included on either page).


LH said...

A Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

Josh Lieberman said...

Congratulations, you win!

LH said... I win anything?

Personally, my favorite concept sketches of the creature are: all the ones from the first two pages, (with the exception of the triangle headed ones and the top left one on the second page) and all the designs from page four (excluding the ones at the top left).

From these designs, I can guess that the Bigfoot character is a real freewhelling guy, all positive.

I hope the final design is based off one of my favorites, and that we hear more about the project soon!

Josh Lieberman said...

Your prize will come... in time.

You pretty much nailed his character down, especially the phrase "all positive".

I'll post another character real soon.