Thursday, January 10, 2008


These are some concept sketches of the other main character... you don't win anything for guessing what he is. He didn't change too much through out the whole development process, which could be a bad thing, but the final version is pretty hillarious.

Potential Squirells. Now I'm not saying there are squirells in the project, but if there are, these are them... potentially.
Some additional Big Foot concepts and shapes. I forgot how many of these I did, there are about 4 more pages as well.
I like the one that looks like a cactus.


The Jerk said...

im disappointed none of the bigfoot designs is in the shape of...a big foot. ;-)

The Jerk said...

i meant to say, like a foot, like the whole body is a giant foot shape, not that none of these looks like "bigfoot."

I originally wasn't going to have tentacles, just the legs, not arms even, but someone was watching me draw asked where the arms were so i did tentacles instead. without the tentacles the sillouhette was definitely better. :-)

I like the squirrel designs, great sense of energy and motion.

The Jerk said...

yeah, sorry i didn't type clearly the first my intent NOT to live up to my screenname. :-)

Jamal O said...

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