Thursday, March 27, 2008


Freelance designs I recently did. Don't really have much to say about them... I don't really have time to talk about them, been sooooooo busy lately.

I want to say thanks again to Dave Pimentel for being one of the coolest guys in the universe. He has a great blog up with some very important handouts on storyboarding, I advise anybody interested in the subject to check it out;

I can feel myself learning just looking at Dave's work.


EL GRANDE said...

Nice designs Josh. Thanks for the heads up on that blog too. Dave is really talented.


Anonymous said...

forgot how much i missed looking at your drawings...
even though they are all tri-clops kitty-less
lottman would be proud.
miss ya hans =]
greta x

andre medina said...

these are great!

James Sutton said...
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James Sutton said...

I forgot how fun drawing scientists and other different types of people was.

For some reason I always found myself drawing scientists in labcoats.