Monday, May 19, 2008


My computer-screen writing debut!
A very talented friend of mine, Eric Pringle, runs a super incredible funny online flash cartoon Prophet Buddy. A while back I pitched him a couple ideas for some episodes, and he was nice enough to take one of my ideas and make it a short! So here it is...

Now I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure this is the best episode yet. The animation is perfect and the facial expressions and acting are hilarious. Not to mention they've really nailed down the voices now heading into season 2, and there's a lot of comedy purely in the delivery and phrasing.

He also posted some storyboards I did for an alternative episode, you can see them

If you like it you should check out the website, it's got a ton of great animation, some of the best stuff on the web. And if you want to look cool, buy a Prophet Buddy T-Shirt.


The Jerk said...

nice work.


nice writting! thats a bummer that your story boarded ep didn't go throgh ): it looked good!

Gursimran Sandhu said...

hey josh, im doing well--im not really sure what I am going to do after Foster's... but i DID see that you have a pitch this upcoming Thursday. i hope it goes well!!

Susy said...

Wow Josh, I can see you are really making great progress in the industry, by this time next year you'll have your own show :)