Friday, July 4, 2008


I was recently rummaging through the dusty folders in my digital attic when I came across a file, a novel I wrote when I was 13 called "Dare Dog". It's the story of a group of animals who are turned into super heroes (via some sort of radio-active awesome laser) to protect the world from invading aliens...
I like the characters a lot so figured I'd take a stab, 8 years later, at re-drawing them. Hopefully they're not as crudely drawn as they were back then.

I did a quick thumbnail line up just to figure out the shapes and size relationships. I didn't quite hit the mark on all of them. I've been really into this project over the last few days so I'll probably do some more drawings. Here's the thumbnail line-up for reference;

Below is the first pass I did of the Buck character.

Some rough Dare Dog doodles. I'm not entirely happy with his design yet, I want him to be more unique;

This is the original design, I did this in Microsoft Paint when I was 14 or 15.

An excerpt from the novel Dare Dog:
"Dare Dog woke up and found himself in the middle of a forest, (unaware he was inside the dome). He looked around and saw a river. In thirst, he went over to get a drink. The water was raging, and he saw what seemed to be a giant rock, fly by his face being pulled down the river by the current. When it passed by his face he realized that it’s an animal. He dove into the river to save him.
“Hold on, I’m coming,” he yelled. He caught up with the large animal, and jumped on it’s back. He tried to pull it out of the water. As soon as he made contact, the large animal jumped up and grabbed Dare Dog. Being held out of the water, Dare Dog looked up looked up, and saw a huge bear, staring at him. The large animal stared at Dare Dog and growled.
“Hi,” Dare Dog said.
“You’re not a fish,” the bear said as he placed Dare Dog back on land, and then he stepped out himself.

“I thought you were drowning, I was trying to save you,” Dare Dog said.
“Actually, I was trying to catch some fish, but oddly I can’t find any anywhere,” the bear replied, “I’m Quake, and you are?”
“Dare Dog, I think?”"

The suspense is killing me!


The Jerk said...

i like the sheep (plural) and the bear. The rabbit seems a lot like something from "Loonatics Unleashed." the dare dog character is pretty appealing too, even if, as you say, he is a tad generic.
I've been reworking some stuff lately too from when i was about the same age, it's always encouraging to see how much you have grown as an artist over the years.

The Jerk said...

what i like about these is that the characters have design elements, but are still solid and dimensional too.

Josh Lieberman said...

Thanks dude, perhaps you're not so much of a jerk after all.


WOW! those designs ARE awesome! It DOES really show how much better your drawing skills now compared to 8 years ago :D

Larry Levine said...

Hey Josh, The character designs are excellent!!!

Re: the Dare Dog doodles, I really like the top right design. IMHO it's unique and has the strongest personality & attitude.

James Sutton said...

That's a really cool character!

I could picture him being on the big screen on right now..

andre medina said...

cool stuff man, I also i added some zoo drawings and designs!

flightless said...

WOW! That is so cool!!!!!! Seriously!

I love the pics dude!

Also, I was hoping to ask a question; how would someone go about pitching a cartoon idea to a studio? I'm an amateur (16), and I'm researching everything that I can learn about animation. Could ya please give me some advice? I'd greatly appreciate it.



Burdette said...

Thanks for writing this.