Friday, July 17, 2009


Like a drawing this universe is malleable.
You can craft any reality you can imagine.
Imagine a world with no limits.

We exist only now.
There is no yesterday or tomorrow.
The only time you have is the time you make.

To do is to learn.
Mistakes should not be feared.
Failure does not exist when you learn from mistakes.

Define success.
If it something that alludes you
your definition is wrong.

Be a ripple not a wave.
A ripple will reach the shore.
Waves destroy the face of the earth.

Live Learn Love.



Ryan Kramer said...

Hey dude, i watched your short from CN that cartoon brew posted. I thought it was really funny! Hopefully you'll get something similar picked up in the future.

keep it up!

mikecarloooyeah said...

This short was amazing!... Good stuff man!

The Jerk said...

dude! saw your short got posted at the Cartoon Brew site, the backgrounds are beautiful, and the short's great fun. nice work!

Anonymous said...

In searching for how to get an autographed picture of spongebob as well as where to send a portrait done by my five year old, I came across your site!

haven't found out where to send her spongebob drawing, or where to write for an autograph, but did find what i think is one amazingly creative and talented person. you talent is fabulous!


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