Friday, July 3, 2009


I was recently fortunate enough to have an opportunity to drive up the captivating Pacific Coast Highway (Number 1 Highway), as I relocated to a higher latitude, 'climate best by government test' Redwood City.

My entire life was crammed in my car as I left the city where not too long ago I began my "career" in animation (you can hardly call this a career). Burbank was chill, I got to meet a lot of cool people and be a part of some exciting projects. I was able to plant my roots there and absorb an enormous amount of knowledge, mostly by staying grounded. I'm sure I will return in the near future to the seeds I've planted in Burbank and share the fruits of my labor with new and old friends.

While residing in Burbank I maintained a cartoon collage on the wall above my desk as a source of inspiration. As I went to remove the meticulously placed scraps of paper I realized the cacophony of clippings represented my 2 year stay in Burbank almost perfectly, acting as a visual time line. From left to right I could clearly distinguish the different eras of my existence;

Intern, Freelance, Unemployment... more unemployment... Big break, Breaking in.

I could go on, but this picture says more than I ever could.

Relocating gives you a great opportunity to reinvent yourself, something I've been exploring the past few years, and continue to do. As I discover the human being I strive to be I've made some simple choices to help achieve my goal.
Opting to ignore cable, in lieu of more time to create, explore, read, write, draw, and in recent weeks began picking up sewing, and fashioned the over-the-shoulder briefcase that can be seen in the picture below.
I chopped off my longer locks in lieu of a shorter more summer-friendly hairdo in almost a representation of sorts of the shedding of skin (or in this case hair) and starting a new chapter in my life.

I've summed up my new outlook on life with a simple message;
Recycle Love

In the same manner we recycle plastics and papers, recycle love and kindness, pass it on. When something nice is done for you, do something nice for someone else. Or even start a whole new chain of love by doing something nice for a stranger.

Recycle love.




Water Recycling said...

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Joseph Giardina said...

Hey buddy, you should make that into a Tshirt. I think it's awesome! I'm gonna post a drawing I did of Manny and Khan tomorrow so keep an eye out for it.

Tim Heitz said...

Great stuff Josh-

The drawings and writings...

I definitely dig the "recycle love" thing too. Awesome stuff.

Keep it up man!