Wednesday, September 30, 2009


No new art stuff to post, so thought I'd start posting some of my writing. This is a spec script I wrote of 'The Office"

download here; The Office Spec Script

It takes place somewhere in the middle of season 2, much prior to Jim and Pam becoming a couple.

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Joseph Giardina said...

I just read your spec script. Its so great man, I can hear the character voices in ever line and the story unfolds just like it would on the show. Very well done!

It was like a got a chance to see an un-aired episode in my head.

Has work been crazy these days?

I'm pitching an animated feature to a small studio called Main Street Pictures next week. It's founded by the Producers who did The Spongebob Movie. I've been working like crazy on the treatment. It reminds me of last year when we were getting ready to pitch to Rob and Craig. Those were the good old days.

Im going to see Zombieland tonight... should be fun.

Talk to you later buddy.