Thursday, October 8, 2009


These guys just won't stay dead;
The short I made for Cartoon Network with my good buddy Joey G leaked online again, and this time in high def!

By high def I don't mean the sound is so high you'll go deaf, that was the older leak.

Special shout out to the cartoon cavalry on Toonzone for all your support, you guys are the coolest. It means a lot to know that people who like cartoons like Manny & Khan.

Much love.

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Ian Andersen said...

Why did they cancel this program? The shorts I've seen leaked out of this are better than a lot of what they've had the last few years.

Anyways, great cartoon, I watched this the other day with the bad sound quality, but it's even funnier when you're not wearing ear plugs. Hopefully before they claim copyright and take it off youtube they'll read the comments and realize this stuff should be on TV making them money.