Friday, October 16, 2009


Got a lots goin on of late, so thought I'd post some of the recent stuff I've been up to.

Been doing a lot of writing lately, more on the philosophical side of things. Started a new blog dedicated more to the literary lines of labor. Just finished putting together a first collection of essays, one I'm in the process of having self-published. I've put it up on the blog free to download for anyone interested;

Still busy boarding, hard at work on Madagascar 3. Can't post any of the artwork I've done so far, but got this gem of a picture. Me and some of the board artists stayed late to work the other night, so production ordered diner for us. They put the order in my name. The guy delivered the food and below is a picture of the receipt;

So that was awesome.
I now have a new nickname! By day I'm mild mannered Josh Beaverman, but by night... BEAVERMANNNNN! I'm also in the early stages of development on a new TV pilot with a major network, tentatively titled 'leave it to beaverman'.

I'm really dissapointed none of my friends came up with that when I was growing up. It's so obvious.

Also, now that a whole bunch of the cartoonstitute shorts leaked, I can finally post;

This was a little 'thank you' drawing I made for Derek Dryman. He really helped mentor me and Joey through the making of Manny and Khan, he's an awesome guy and super talented, have you seen Danger Planet!?

And check out the Danger Planet production blog if you havn't.
incredible stuff.

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