Friday, November 13, 2009


Well... It's been a while blog. I'm sorry for neglecting you. And if it's any consolation,  I've even been ignoring you're younger brother, who is basically still an infant and needs my constant attention.

I wanted to take some time out just to thank everybody. 

And by everybody, I mean you, the person reading this, anyone who is reading this, or anyone who has read anything on this blog before. Over the years, maintaining this blog, I've gotten a lot of cool comments and emails from people. Often we can take simple gestures like this for granted, something as simple as a compliment. However going back through the archived posts here, it was pretty heartwarming to see all the people who have taken the time to express themselves.

So thank you for sharing, sharing your comments, opinions, ideas, and your artwork! Through connecting with fellow bloggers I've been able to see a lot of incredible artwork I would have never seen. Never seen had YOU not taken the time to put it up. So thank you. Thank you for the inspiration.

To return the favor, I offer this rendering of myself.

Don't try and be perfect.
Try and be happy.

If you happen to stumble across this, please leave me a link to your blog! I want to be inspired by you.

Much love 



Joseph Giardina said...

I like that the tangent is gross but your armpit hair isn't. You already have the link to my blog silly.

Claire said...

You already have the link to my blog too hehe.
Long time no post! Good to hear from you. :)

loryn.ariana said...

I'm pretty sure your drawing of you is perfect to a T. I quite literally busted out laughing because I could see you doing that pose in my head.
Everyone at work now probably thinks I'm crazy, but meh.
I do believe you are becoming quite the softy Hansel...