Saturday, November 28, 2009


As per requested by anonymous on my previous post, here are some more Flapjack boards I cleaned up.
Unfortunately, I didn't actually keep too many copies of the work I did while on the show, so I think this (and the stuff a couple posts down) are all I have.

With that being the case, I thought I'd at least post more of the storyboard test I did.
Note* These were not actually used in production, only from a test I did applying for the position.

While rummaging through boxes of piled and packed paper, looking for more Flapjack boards, I came across this piece of artwork from the production of Manny and Khan, not sure if myself or Joey ever posted it, so thought I would;

At the studio they had a wall dedicated to the 'Cartoonstitute' program, where they would pin up artwork from each short. This is the piece we gave them to hang up. The font was drawn by Joey, characters by DanBob Thompson. I'm pretty sure it's the same pose from the spinning logo we used in the short.


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