Thursday, April 22, 2010


The second strip in now what is officially being called 'Hat-Scratch'.

(Strip #1)

I'm havin a lot of fun with these. I scribbled down 12 or so ideas to keep the narrative going. I'm thinking bout tryin to draw 30 strips, and perhaps putting them together in a little book... Thats the idea anyways.



The Jerk said...

if this were facebook, I'd be clicking the "Like" button, cuz I'm lazy like that. But since this is blogger, where we actually have to use words and sentences to communicate our enthusiasm, I'll just say, this a strip has some really appealing art and the character relationships developing are already full of potential for a lot of funny gags. keep it comin'!

Claire said...

Hey there! Awesome comics you have going here. :)

As for the internship, unfortunately due to college work I haven't had the chance to persue it much... My tutor decided she wants everything in 3 or 4 weeks earlier than was stated previously so everyones in a bit of a panic haha. I'm really sorry for not replying with the second draft, but I'll do so ASAP. Thanks again for looking over my stuff for me. :)