Monday, April 12, 2010


I think I've come down with a case of the me-asles. Not sure why, but I've been drawing myself a lot lately, in cartoon manner of course.

I was thinking about doing some comic strips to post here on my bloggy-do, so I started thumb-nailing one out... but then got distracted drawing hats.

Below; If you remove the over-alls and hillbill-ish grin, this is an exact reenactment of events that transpired at the studio.

Below; Well... the simplest way to explain this is;
1. I call my cube-mate Cubie (yes I know I misspelled it in the picture, I couldn't be bothered to change it).
2. My cube-mate is convinced my toes are going to fall off because I only ever wear sandals. He calls me nubs.
3. Somebody said 'The Nubs and Cubie Show'
Hmm... so maybe I'll get around to doin some of those comics... maybe.



Matt Doering said...

Josh, that is hilarious! I can only imagine after meeting you two, that there will be a wellspring of inspiration for this comic. Please do it!

Jake Nussbaum said...

I love the picture Josh. Greats job