Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sum more Scratch doodles. This time I copied a lot of David Gemmill's stuff. He's awesome, you should check out his stuff.



Megan Nicole Dong said...

These make me so happy, haha. Fantastic sketches, I love them all.

david gemmill said...

hey thanks!!! these are awesome. but what makes them awesomer is the character. I hope you do something with him. booya!

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh,

We featured your Pokemon artworks and blog on our website's weekly fanart segment:


Great work!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Fun stuff!

Larry Levine said...

Great model poses, you're VERY talented!!!

Frankie Swan said...

wow man thanks for taking the time to give me some really helpful feedback. its funny i was just having a coffee and reading your notes about screen direction and screen side (which i printed out for reference from the art centre some time ago) before seeing your comment.
I decided to drop that idea but am working on a completely different one which i will post up later today hopefully- after i try applying your suggestions first. never thought about doing an over head map before, so will do one right now!

thanks so much for helping out a complete novice like me.

this is a great blog I cant wait to see more of your work.

i hope you can stop by my blog again.

massive thanks again

Frankie Swan said...

hey man
i added some new ideas to my blog, then i saw your latest notes on the art centre!! regretting my upload now! but really helpful stuff once again am gona add it to my other notes of yours- starting to form a nice book.
well if you have have time please check out my work again.