Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Below is a little card I made for some of the guys who helped bring Manny and Khan to life.

Joey put some pictures up on his blog from various points of production, and this one below makes me laugh. We got bored one day and made this poster. We tried to turn our cube at CN into a super awesome tree fort, to replicate the one our kids live in, and this poster is definitely something they would have nailed to the wood paneling. We also had a paper-cup attached to a string hanging from the outside of our door, so people could page us. But that's pretty much the extent to which the fabrication of our cube fort reached.

During production we sat in the same area as a lot of the other creators, and I learned so much from just talking with them. Greg Miller was always a highlight of my day, I highly recommend you check out his blog; http://fuzzybotom.blogspot.com/

I leave you with a very special sketch, I think this was the first post-it that was ever passed between Joey and myself. It was either number 1 or number 2?


Joseph Giardina said...

I think it was #1... get it? number ONE!!! like pee cause they are peeing... get it?

Prophet Buddy said...

This secret messages are too funny, so funny I don't get any of them!