Monday, January 26, 2009

TOON info for fans in different time ZONEs.... ( .net)

Production on Manny and Khan is going swimmingly.

(I don't remember exactly why I drew this)

Now despite what you may think, Khan is not actually a leprechaun, but in fact a small man who dresses like a leprechaun because he thinks its cool. And Manny, who's been refered to as "a giant platypus", is actually a Man-o-puss; half man half platypus.

During the heat of production Joey and I would leave each other friendly post-it notes, as if to say "I was here" or "hey buddy what's up?" or;

Stay tooned for more post-its and updates on Manny and Khan. And for further research check out Joey's blog.

One individual at Cartoon Network who really helped mentor me and Joey through The Awesome Chronicles is the incredibly talented story-master Derek Dryman. He was more than willing to tackle any of the questions we could come up with, and always had a brilliant and sensible answer. In addition to his wealth of knowledge, Derek is also one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Below; Random Flap and K-nuck doodles I did during work.

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