Saturday, January 27, 2007

Old Flash Stuff

These are some older characters I drew in flash. I'm not sure I really like them anymore, I think there are just a lot of things I would do differently now. I like some of the concepts I came up with for characters though.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

BUSY writing

I've been real busy lately writing, spec scripts and original stuff. I don't know how many people are actually checking out this blog, but if there are enough people I'll try to get some more artowrk up soon.

Leave me a message if you want more stuff

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ham and Flopper

Here's an updated Flam and Hopper and Samson drawing. I think I might try some textures in the ground.

F and H.

I tried doing a couple with marker.
I don't like them, i really like the feel of the color pencil. Plus, the pink marker is way Same with the grey's, they just don't look good on Flam.

Above: Classic sitcom theme-song stance.

Rewind Those Boards

These are some Rewind boards I did. I think some of the shots are cool, I wish I would have chosen to storyboard him doing something that I could show a bit more expression, I'll do something like that next.

On the page below, the one in the upper left, that's my favorite shot, I like the layout a lot.

Looking at them like thise I realize I pretty much gave Rewind the same expression in every board, that's really boring

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Logo Design

Here are some logo desings I did for my friends fraternity at Michigan; Pi Lambda Phi

This was a logo/jersey I designed for them. Unfortunetly the stripe, and text on the back was too expensive so we had to cut that out.

This "W" design was for an event he was organizing. I think it was going to go on t-shirts, but the event got cancelled.


Some boards I did of the Spongebob episode "Procrastination". I think they came out pretty good, again I was just trying to study shots, cuts, timing. stuff like that. I know the frame ratio is off in the first 2 pages.

That bottom right board above is probably my favorite. I love both expressions.

Eww that last Spongebob is gross.

Monday, January 8, 2007

What's Opera Doc? Boards

This is a study of Jones' "What's Opera Doc?" I've been working on. I've been doin it for a few months, this is only 9 pages of it, so far I have 25 pages, and probably between 8 and 10 more. You can see all the notes I've made around the borders, those are various aspects of the short that I'm noting, studying Jone's choice in timing, framing, BG's, etc.
I learn so much more from doing this than I can in any class here SCAD.

I found out that the guy who animated Elmer's shadow at the begining is Corny Cole III. I studied under him at a summer program at CalARTS in 04', I had no idea he did it.
Also, he is portrayed in the short "Big Top Bunny" as the owner of Korny's Circus. He is such a nice guy, I learned a lot from him, especially in figure drawing.

That shot on the bottom of the above page is my favorite shot. I don't know why. I love the angle they chose, and the BG and framing are so well executed.

There are a lot more pages to this study, if anyone is intrested?


This is a character I created named Forest.

I was trying to come up with a completely original character design (which is pretty much impossible considering your work is a reflection of everything you've seen before). None the less, I tried... and came up with Forest.
One friend told me that I had done it, that this character is like nothing he has ever seen before.
Like with Samson, I don't have a difinitive Forest yet. I'm not sure which hands I like best yet, but I imagine him looking pretty much like this.

To go along with him, I was trying to do some designs using shapes and body strucutres I normally don't use, or no one normally uses. I consider drawing to be my weakness acutally, next to writing, so i've been trying to push my limits in terms of drawing.
I may post some of those other desings I've been experimenting with later.
A few are on the bottom of this page here.

More F and H

Some more Flam and Hopper stuff I've been working on.

The poses above we're inspired by a Frank Tashlin Merrie Melodies short entitled "Stupid Cupid", Ill put up some screen captures later. There's some awesome animation and poses where Daffy gets all up in Elmer Fudd's face and his body molds into Elmer's outline.

Anyone know who animated this scene?

Those drawings are just incredible, imaginative, and hillarious. I haven't really seen anything like this anywhere else.

I don't know what color to the make the ground here. I was trying to incorporate a lot of color theory into this piece. It's a toss up between orange and purple, not sure yet.

More Jack Stuff

This was a quick little study I did of an episode of Samurai Jack. Can't remember which episode it was numerically.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Jack Studies

These are some Samurai Jack studies I did. Gendy Tartakosky is such a genius. Samurai Jack was such an exceptionally art directed series. Everything from the character design, to the backgrounds, to the color palletes was so well planned. You don't see too many shows like this anymore. Foster's Home is really the only one I can think of right now that is similar in it's uses.

Foster's is the best written show on television right now in my opinion.

On the board in the bottom left on the above page, all those streaks and blurs on the ground are aimed at the vanishing point in the middle of the insect/robot as Jack runs towards it.