Saturday, September 22, 2007


These are stills from a new short I'm working on. I'm really happy with how these scenes came out. The whole short was inspired by Eric Pringle and his new "Strips" Prophet Buddy (Here's the blog;

I got a chance to meet Eric during my internship on Foster's Home. He's the animation supervisor for the show and one of the sickest flash guys around (and he uses a mouse! (like me)), not to mention, a really cool guy too . His new "Strips" are really funny, and the animation is fun-credible. So with those as inspiration, I set out to make a quick, simple short (Not that Eric's are simple). However, as usual with my projects, I get carried away and they take on a life of their own, and I end up planning an epic of... epic porportions. So it looks like its gonna take a while, but i'm really excited about it, so hopefully I'll be able to keep the motivation up.

Any advice? Comments? Hate mail?