Friday, March 26, 2010


I am very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work on 'How to Train Your Dragon'. Dreamworks was kind enough to grant me an internship with the Dragon story team, and it was an incredible experience.

I learned a lot during the internship, about story/boarding and production. It was the first feature I had worked on, and am so thankful it was on a killer movie with an awesome AWESOME crew. I owe much of my success to the guys I worked with on Dragons.

If you havn't seen it, you should check it out. It's pretty darn cool.

There is no way you can walk out of the theater not wanting one of these guys...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I felt bad for drawing my cube-mate as a hillbilly, so I drew this to even out the universe.

Although, he told me 'you can't replace old hurt with new things', so I punched him in the head until he forgot about the other drawing... needless to say, the Universe is resting comfortably in equilibrium.