Monday, December 7, 2009


So, we got two more awesome contributions to Yeti December... from the same person! Isaac Orloff ladies and gentlemen! He's takin yeti December to a whole other lever.

Here was the first drawing he did;

I love this guy, he makes me laugh.
His second submission can be seen over at his blog, along with all his other awesome artwork;

I did a little doodle of this yeti who looks more like a sloth, but is actually a yeti, I promise. I kinda like the design, but didn't really figure all the mechanics out... might do some more cleaned up poses later.

So I think I finally learned the true meaning of Yeti December.
It started on a whim, more or less, and then into somewhat of a joke, attempting to see how many people we could actually get to draw yetis. But in doing so, I began to see Yeti December in a new light, a sort of blog-community-building/art exercise. A way to meet new bloggers, see their awesome artwork, and also challenge one's self artistically.

So there you have it, the true meaning of Yeti December... well that and Yeti's are just cool.



The Jerk said...

I've got some more yeti doodles I'm workin on, will share them as they reach a more polished state.

love these new ones you've posted, especially the black one at the top, love the contrary concept of black fur, compared to the traditionally white Bumbles hunted by Yukon Cornelius.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

yeah i got a lot of criticism for black fur so thats why i did the white one aswell

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

aww I love the black fur. I think it gives the guy a story.

The Jerk said...

Yeti December is becoming Nigh Unstoppable

Claire said...

Loving all the Yetis so far, especially how they're all coloured. So awesome~
I tried my hand at doodling some myself.

Joseph Giardina said...

The black fur yeti is Amazing!