Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So... things have been a bit slow on the Yeti December front of late... This is a quickie I scribbled down;

It seems the interest has faded in this Sasquatchian Hioliday, but I'm fine with that. It was a lot of fun, the best Yeti December to date, and super cool to see so many talented artists contribute.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated
Yeti Decemberists;
Joey Giardina
Gene Hole
Sam Bachman
Tim Heitz
Isaac Orloff

Claire MacKenzie
Ian Andersen
Marqus Bobesich

I'm thinking bout doing this once a month, or every other month. Not 'Yeti' per say, just a themed creature/object/thing designated to a particular month and seein how many drawings we can collectively create. Thoughts?

Would you guys be interested in that?



Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

im not done yet. and yes

The Jerk said...

got another yeti in mind... and yes, that'd be cool!

Daryl T said...

Hey Thanks for the nice comment. Really Appreciate it. Good luck to you. All the best.


Claire said...

Yes, yes I would be interested!
Awesome yeti. :)

The Jerk said...

ta-dah! here isanother yeti post! happy holidays!