Friday, December 4, 2009


Out of the woodwork
in this dark and dreary December
from the ashes of snowflakes
rises a being who's coolness is superseded only by the mystery he is shrouded in

he is, the yeti.

... that was a lot more dramatic than I intended to be. Anywhom, wow, what an awesome response so far to the inaugural Yeti December. Below are the first few snapshots of this elegant and elusive beast.

Joey Giardina's close up encounter with the smiling Sasquatch;

He was also spotted on SRBachman's blog;

Then he went on a date, and apparently made the Mrs. pay for the bill... what A Jerk;

In the heights of the Himalayas comes this rendering of a seemingly gentle yeti captured by the incomparable Tim Heitz;

Thanks too everyone who has participated thus far... This is turning out to be the best Yeti December ever!

Spread the word of this hairy holiday. Let's see how many yetis we can uncover.



Gordon Hammond said...

Ha...these are great man!!

Hey Josh,

Sure I remember and it was my pleasure, it's nice of you to write and say so, made my day!
I sensed your enthusiasm so I knew I was putting my time towards a good cause. It's fun when I am able to "pass the torch" so to speak on to someone who is getting started and eager to learn. Maybe someday you will do the same, it's one of the great things about this business or the arts in general.

Congrats on your gigs at CN and Dreamworks! that's so great, you're moving up in the world... quickly!

Also thanks for swinging by and also your kind words...It's encouraging!

have a good one dude!

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

heres a yeti for ya

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

i had some time on my hands..clearly