Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So one week in, and going strong. Thanks to all who have participated thus far, your work inspires me.

We got a few new doodles;

Below is one of the three drawings Claire MacKenzie, a very talented up-and-comer, did for our cause;

Her other two drawings can be seen here;

Claire's other yeti 1
Claire's other yeti 2

And then we have a second submission from Gene Hole (The Jerk). He also did a whole bunch of yeti scribbles, so click the link to visit his blog and take a peek.

Family issues seem to be a recurring theme in his Yeti depictions... (Nice feet by the way.)

Let's keep this thing rolling, comment on some of your friends blogs, let them know about Yeti December, and let's see how many Yetis we can get drawn.

You guys are awesome



Joseph Giardina said...

Everyone's Yeti drawings are so Amazing! I did another drawing of the smiling Yeti http://jgiardina.blogspot.com/2009/12/yeti-december-again.html

Ian Andersen said...

Yeti December just keeps getting better and better. The first Yeti I tried to draw morphed into an odd Abe Lincoln, but I made a comic about a lonely Yeti: Here. Yeti December is the best.

Joseph Giardina said...

posted a few more Yeti... this is the final color http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HdtjdOsy44U/Sx-_ETkTuMI/AAAAAAAAA48/xPnsRhKcGjY/s1600-h/Yeti.jpg