Monday, April 7, 2008


Today (technically yesterday) I got an opportunity to meet one of my heroes. This man's music has had as much if not more of an impact on my artistic and writing style than any visual artist. His music and lyrics are simply genius, and not to mention he has the voice of an angel, or so I hear. It is partially because of him that I chose to drop out of school and move to LA to pursue my dreams, and I could never thank him enough for it. He is a Mraz among men, I'm talking of course about Mr.A-Z himself, Bushwalla... I mean Jason Mraz.

Notice I look like I'm going to throw up, I didn't, but it would have been exponentially disastrous considering Mraz wears sandals.

He was kind enough to take a few minute to talk with me, and we discussed some philosophies on life and chasing the dream. He said a whole bunch of brilliant things, I think, I was kind of in shock and don't really remember exactly what he said, but I'm sure it was smart (like everything else that comes out of his mouth). He was so genuine and down to earth, one of the coolest dudes I've ever met. He came out before the show to play the line, and performed an improve Mraz-terpiece "kinda sorta" in which he sang a verse about me... which is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

At about 1:02

The show was amazing, and even afterwards he came over to shake my hand and even remembered my name... this man is amazing.
For your enjoyment;
The best rendition of the best song every written;

You find me another artist who would perform a duet with a homeless woman on the streets of France:

Jason Mraz you are truly an inspiration, not only through your work but also through the type of person you are and the life you choose to live.


MUFFiN said...

Ok, crazy. I saw you yesterday at the Jason Mraz concert.
Just randomly clicked on someone to ask them a question. Thought you looked familiar!
Anyways, I just wanted to know if you knew how to subscribe to somsone else's Blogger. If you can't help, it's fine. Thanks!

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Umm, not really... I don't think I've ever done that?
Check here;

EL GRANDE said...

That is super cool that you got that opportunity. Congrats! I've never heard of him, but I watched the videos and was supremely impressed.


Anonymous said...

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andre medina said...

i was visiting a friend and met some people, such an awesome studio! how are things? i was looking around for you and its crazy you saw me, you should have said hi. anyway i think i will try to drop by in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment in one of Mraz's entries in his blog.

Its so cool that you get to meet him. I'm a huge fan and I've never met him. I guess that's what you get in living in such a far-off country.

I'd love to talk to Mraz too and ask about his philosophies in life. I wanna be just like him.

You're experience with him was awesome man! He even sang something for you! Haha!