Saturday, October 11, 2008


Wow haven't posted in for-ages. I've been crazy busy at Cartoon Network working on my short with Joey. It's going real well and hopefully I'll be able to post some artwork soon. We've been really fortunate with 'Manny and Khan' to be able to work with some incredibly talented people, all of whom have helped plus the short in their own unique ways. Most recently, we had the opportunity to work with two incredible voice actors; the hilarious Keith Ferguson of Foster's Home fame (Bloo), and the brilliant Adam Paul, an untapped goldmine of voice acting goodness who has a masters degree in acting.

Above: Keith,Joey,Me,Adam (he has a masters degree in acting).
Above: Joey and Keith eating?
Above: Our awesome voice director Kris Zimmerman. (She gets a thumbs up!)

Both Keith and Adam came in and breathed new life into the project. They really added a lot to the characters and re-energized the entire production. Can't wait for people to hear their performances. Oh yeah, and did I mention Adam has his Masters in acting!

Below: Random doodles.

I'll try and post more stuff soon. Stay tooned.

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