Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was talkin to Joey about a little project he's workin on, when I realized I hadn't really sat down and just 'drawn' in a long while. Doin boards for a studio takes up most of my time, but I was inspired by Joey to sit down and draw. Eventually I ended up with these three characters below.

There was something about rich pets that I thought was funny.

I Made a comic strip with a couple of them.

Below are some yeti doodles I did for Joey... you can never have too many yetis. You should check out his blog to see some of the awesome stuff he's doing.

Lasty, a caricature I did of our Head-of-Story of Mad3, Rob Koo. He has a blog, but it's mostly just pictures of his plants and fish.



Oh yeah, my old high school did an interview with me recently, and posted it on their website. If anyone is interested in hearing me talk about my life's journey thus far check out the video below. If not, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO, you have been warned.


The Jerk said...

good stuff, dude. super-appealing characters. Love the Rich Pets comic strip especially...

Joseph Giardina said...

Your new comic is an absolute delight. can't wait to see more :) thanks for the plug buddy you are the best!

btw the word verification below is "lersomer"... what?


Nate Villanueva said...

great video, super inspiring!