Sunday, August 14, 2011


I haven't posted in for ages... I'm trying to finish a comic I've been working on. It is taking long time. Anyways, here are some random scratch doodles;

I will probably be handing these little pieces of paper out to passerbyers at CTNX


Oh and I did a little guest contribution for my friendses Lindsey and Stevie's new blog about what their dogs do when they ain't home. Check it out for maximum chuckles.


Anthony Holden said...

dude, I freaking love that hedgehoggy feller.

Gillibean said...

These are great. I love all your busy page spreads. Hopefully bump into you at CTNX and grab one of these bad boys.

Unknown said...

ooh more reasons to go to CTN!

david said...

awesome. that character needs his own show!