Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Flam and Hopper

Here are two new characters I've been working with lately. The flamingo is Flam and the other thing is a frog; working name Hopper (I couldn't think of a name for it, my lil cousing came up with the name Hopper, and for the sake of being able to call him something I used it, and it just kind of stuck)

I've been trying to work on composition between characters. Staging and fitting them together in unique and intresting ways. I've also been trying to work on exagerating expressions (John K-esque). I don't really have personalities for them yet, I'm still working on that.

My favorite Flam above.


Anonymous said... him ribbert, like robert, only ribbert.
there, happy? first comment! =)

The Jerk said...

call him Flim- like, Flim-Flam? ah?

nice blog, BTW. some cool drawings on here already- i like the rabbit above, and the Samson character has a certain charm in a couple of the sketches...I'm tempted to try drawing him myself...