Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Animatic Boards

More boards. These were for an animatic I made for Motion Studies class. The characters are from a series I've been developing (More on that later). I was given the scenario "An undercover satanic group of misfits at a religious youth camp is being spied on late at night" or something like that. The boards aren't even that old (2 months) and there are already things I see that I would have done differently.

I think some foregroung elements may have helped some, especially in the board above.It was actually a pan with board below, some FG elements deffinetly would've helped, the fire would have looked cool going by, maybe show a little relative motion.
I love this angle, with the camera on the ground.(Below)

I like this shot, I use this angle way too much though. I gotta try some variations of it. (Above)

Any comments, advice, criticism, hate-mail, or suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged.

All images Copyright to Josh Lieberman, 2007

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