Monday, January 8, 2007

More F and H

Some more Flam and Hopper stuff I've been working on.

The poses above we're inspired by a Frank Tashlin Merrie Melodies short entitled "Stupid Cupid", Ill put up some screen captures later. There's some awesome animation and poses where Daffy gets all up in Elmer Fudd's face and his body molds into Elmer's outline.

Anyone know who animated this scene?

Those drawings are just incredible, imaginative, and hillarious. I haven't really seen anything like this anywhere else.

I don't know what color to the make the ground here. I was trying to incorporate a lot of color theory into this piece. It's a toss up between orange and purple, not sure yet.


NateBear said...

lol. i instantly recognized the poses as from Stupid Cupid.

The Jerk said...

I love that scene! The poses are so strong that even in the short time they flash on the screen, they read perfectly!

Kevin Langley said...

Nice blog, some great drawings here. I believe that Art Davis animated that scene. I'm not positive but it resembles some of his work in "Plane Daffy", also a Frank Tashlin short.