Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rewind Those Boards

These are some Rewind boards I did. I think some of the shots are cool, I wish I would have chosen to storyboard him doing something that I could show a bit more expression, I'll do something like that next.

On the page below, the one in the upper left, that's my favorite shot, I like the layout a lot.

Looking at them like thise I realize I pretty much gave Rewind the same expression in every board, that's really boring


The Jerk said...

I like the way you have rewind coming out of the hole, that's my favorite part, and the one frame where he plants his face in the side of the tree before climbing up.

The Jerk said...

i noticed that the camera flips to the other side of the plane of action between the wide shot and close-up of him hanging, maybe if he turned when he grabbed the branch, you wouldn't have to break that plane to see his face as he climbs onto the branch...

maybe if the tree he's climbing had some kind of bend to it, and the tree that frames the wideshot even a gentle curve toward the bottom, it might give the layout more rhythmic composition, too.

nice boards, some of the poses are pretty humorous.