Monday, January 8, 2007

What's Opera Doc? Boards

This is a study of Jones' "What's Opera Doc?" I've been working on. I've been doin it for a few months, this is only 9 pages of it, so far I have 25 pages, and probably between 8 and 10 more. You can see all the notes I've made around the borders, those are various aspects of the short that I'm noting, studying Jone's choice in timing, framing, BG's, etc.
I learn so much more from doing this than I can in any class here SCAD.

I found out that the guy who animated Elmer's shadow at the begining is Corny Cole III. I studied under him at a summer program at CalARTS in 04', I had no idea he did it.
Also, he is portrayed in the short "Big Top Bunny" as the owner of Korny's Circus. He is such a nice guy, I learned a lot from him, especially in figure drawing.

That shot on the bottom of the above page is my favorite shot. I don't know why. I love the angle they chose, and the BG and framing are so well executed.

There are a lot more pages to this study, if anyone is intrested?


The Jerk said...

i actually colored it on my comp, in photoshop, just kinda spashed some color on, then tweaked the hue/saturation/luminosity until i found a color that i liked. i think the thing i like most about the samson character is those bulky forearms, it's a nice graphic design, especially when combined with those skinny chicken legs.

NateBear said...


boootooons ltd. said...

yes, "jones'".

you might be happy to know, josh, that your storyboards are MUCH MUCH more involved and cleaned than maltese's.

seriously, his look really rushed, because all they do is tell the story. but in most of those classic cases, it depends who did the storyboard. i've seen some ( 'the hypochondricat' springs to mind ) that look like chuck did them himself, or someone trying to draw like him.

good work.

- trevor.