Thursday, January 4, 2007

Jack Studies

These are some Samurai Jack studies I did. Gendy Tartakosky is such a genius. Samurai Jack was such an exceptionally art directed series. Everything from the character design, to the backgrounds, to the color palletes was so well planned. You don't see too many shows like this anymore. Foster's Home is really the only one I can think of right now that is similar in it's uses.

Foster's is the best written show on television right now in my opinion.

On the board in the bottom left on the above page, all those streaks and blurs on the ground are aimed at the vanishing point in the middle of the insect/robot as Jack runs towards it.


The Jerk said...

it would seem that i, too, am a frequenter of the John K site. I love all the invaluable stuff he shares on there, all the basics that we tend to overlook... I noticed one of your recent comments on there and on a whim came to check out the site. I always enjoy finding new art-blogs- finding fellow artists is always so inspirational for some reason.

Tim 2 said...

Nice Work Josh, I can't believe how many characters are on this page.

Links to movies anywhere?

Josh Lieberman said...
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